Service Pack 1


Viewing Events
  • Calendars Sidebar: May now remove calendars.
  • Calendars Sidebar: The Add Calendar menu now includes calendars already loaded into the sidebar.
  • Search has been improved, and now recognizes partial keyword matches. For example, searching “ball” will now return events titled “Football”, “Basketball” or “Volleyball”.
  • Added the ability to link to “Current” month, week, or day for a calendar, in the format of[month|week|day]/[Calendar Number].
    For example: will take you to the current month view of the UConn Master Calendar
Submitting Events
  • May now duplicate an existing event.
  • May now cancel a (pending) Cross-list invitation
Control Panel
  • Added “Events” tab, which displays events from the selected calendar in a list.
  • Calendar Logs now display far more information.
  • Cross-list invitations for events in the past will remove themselves from your inbox automatically.
  • Improved RSS Feeds, removed the 30 day limit.
  • Fixed a few bugs with the feeds.
System Admins
  • Added the Featured Events Inbox to System Controls
  • Master Calendar no longer receives event edited notifications.
  • Email notifications have been revamped, and improved.
  • Added a close button to all UI windows.
  • Select lists can now be navigated with keyboard arrows.
  • General UI bug fixes.
  • Increased speed and response time.

Released: 11/24/2014