Big Concepts

Many Calendars, Many Administrators

  • While we call this “the calendar” in truth it’s hundreds of separate calendars combined into one view.
  • Each calendar administered by their respective organization.


Calendar Users

Calendar Manager

  • Can approve new events for a calendar
  • Can edit or delete existing events
  • Can submit events to their calendar directly, skipping approval.

Calendar Admin

  • Includes all the same rights as manager
  • Can add or delete people from the managers list.
  • Can promote a manager to Admin (revokes their own admin access)
  • Is listed as the primary contact person for that calendar, but not for each event.
  • Controls the Calendar Settings, like allowing public submission.


Public Event Submission

  • Anyone at UConn (anyone with a valid NetID) can submit an event.
  • After logging into NetID, the submitter chooses a calendar from those that allow public submission.


Crosslisting Events

  • Events are “Organized” by a single calendar, but can be cross-listed with many others. The organizer is the only calendar that can edit or make changes to the event.
  • Managers from any calendar can crosslist an event



  • The calendar sends notifications to your standard “” email addresses based on the following logic.
  • >>> Verify the accuracy of notification logic in syscontrols > Emails.
  • Triggered Notifications
  • Periodic Notifications
  • Variables
  • User Types