Submit Event

The Control Panel

To get started, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the "Submit Events" button in the Control Panel. This will require you to log in to NetID login page. After logging in, or if you are already logged in, the control panel will fix itself to the bottom of the window frame.


The Form


Upload Image

  • Upload a photo, and you might appear on the Events calendar homepage, and get a little extra promotion or your event.
  • Images must be less than 2 megabytes (2000 kb) in file size.
  • Images must be in a compressed web format, (.jpg, .gif, or .png).
  • Images must not violate copyright laws. (Do not just download random images from google).


  • Limited to 50 characters
  • Remember that in most views, people will only ever see about 20 characters worth of your title. We recommend using as brief a title as possible here. You can always write a longer version in the description.


  • Select a campus
  • Enter details like building and room number.


  • The day the event will begin.


  • The start and end time of the event.
  • If the event last the entire day, (i.e. First day of classes or Thanksgiving) then use the All Day checkbox.


  • If the event repeats regularly without changing, (i.e. Chess Club Weekly Meeting) use the repeating patterns to make multiple events that are linked.


  • Limited to 300 characters.
  • The description is limited to plain text only, no formatting.
  • If you include URLs in your description, the text preceding the URL should describe the link's destination.
    • Example: "To register for the event, select the following link", followed by the URL


  • Enter any information about who should be contacted for more information about this event.

Primary (Calendar)

  • If you only manage one calendar, your calendar will appear here.
  • For those who manage multiple calendars, you may select which calendar will be listed as the owner and organizer of the event.


  • With this tool, you can send invitations to other calendars to have them list your event.
  • Be default, the UConn Master Calendar is selected. This is the calendar that feeds to the popular site, and to other high profile university websites. It is not required, only preloaded for your convenience.
  • You may send promote invites to up to 5 other calendars in total.